A place to stop and discover a loving God who reveals himself firstly in Creation (ceiling vault) and in the Bible; above the three main doors, the Father Creator, the Son Redeemer and the Holy Spirit are represented.

God created time, (from birth to death, the days, the months, the seasons); he prepared all this for the coming of men and women; he entrusts them with this creation, and by his work, humans in turn will become creators.

Our Father, God the creator

First, there is an appointment with God the Father Creator. Then we discover the solar system and all of nature, represented by the animals, plants and fruits. Then comes the times: the hours, days, seasons and months, evoked by the signs of the zodiac.

From birth to the resurrection

The chapel located at the north end evokes the birth. A round of newborns expresses the joy of new life springing from the baptismal waters.

Crossing the parquet, human labour is represented through the arts, crafts and sciences, up to the Calvary Chapel, located at the south end, which reminds us how death has been defeated by the Lord, who has become the entrance into everlasting life.

Dance and joy

Finally, in the middle of all this representation, dance expresses the joy of life and the happiness of entering into the House of God.