Frequently asked questions about the online donation


Why do we ask for your donations?

The Shrine had very modest beginnings. In 1658, a man by the name of Louis Guimond was miraculously healed. Since those early beginnings the Shrine has undergone numerous changes both large and small.

Today, the Shrine is as it is because of the many graces granted through the intercession of Good Saint Anne. It is also because of the donations and sacrifices made by people like you over the course of more than 350 years.

If we are to continue to provide the services to the many thousands of people who come to visit each year, and maintain the state of the buildings here at the Shrine, we need your help.

This is why we hope to receive the help of many of those who visit the Shrine, both pilgrims and other visitors. Any financial help you wish to give us can be done securely online, following the directions.

We thank you for the help you can give us, and assure you that all help goes directly to the Shrine, its upkeep, and to continue the work we do here.

Is a Donation Tax Deductible?

Donations to the Shrine are tax deductible only in Canada, and receipts are sent out automatically for all amounts of $25.00 or more. If your donation is under $25.00, you must request a tax receipt when you send your donation. A thank-you letter will be sent to the address provided.

How Do I Donate?

Enter the amount of your donation in the appropriate section. If you wish, write your personal petition in the following window, and check one or more of the suggested intentions below the window. Once you are done, click the button “Send Donation” and follow the instructions on the screen.

In addition to our highly secured online transaction, other options are available: credit card by telephone, or by simply mailing your check. Postal orders are not accepted unless they are sent from Canada or the United States. For information on the possibility of making an annual recurring donation or a testamentary donation, please contact the Secretariat of the Shrine using the following email:

Is your payment transaction secure?

Our online store and online donation section are both highly secured and private. Your credit card number, including all your personal information, is encrypted immediately when you submit your order, and remains so until we receive and process your data.