In front of the basilica, a beautiful fountain welcomes pilgrims.

Installed in 2008, for the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the Shrine, this fountain reaches a height of ten meters. Water flows over the scalloped lips of a bronze basin of some 4 meters in diameter. At the summit is a statue representing Ste Anne and her daughter, Mary.

This statue is the work of Canadian sculptor Mr. Émile Brunet. It represents Saint Anne teaching the Virgin Mary, with Mary holding a scroll with the word “Caritas”, Latin for Charity. 

Mr. Brunet once shared that the expression on Saint Anne’s face is one of “meekness and kindness” and that “Saint Anne would be about 45 years of age and the Virgin, three”. He didn’t ignore the fact that this statue would stand on Canadian soil: “Since Saint Anne’s statue will be set up in Canada, I thought the Canadian spirit would require a crown of maple leaves to be made as a tribute to Saint Anne and the Holy Virgin”. (Émile Brunet, 1958)