Départ des Ursulines

The departure of the Ursulines

Since September 18, 2018, about 50 Ursulines have been leaving their monastery in Old Quebec and moving into a residence in Beauport. The nuns, who live in this monastery founded by St. Mary of the Incarnation, move into a new residence, better suited to an aging clientele, the Jardins d'Évangéline.

"In the face of reality, we have come to one possibility: that if we want health care until the end, if we want to be safe, if we want to be released from administration and management, it was necessary to think about leaving the house, "says Sister Cécile Dionne, Superior General of the Ursulines of the Canadian Union.

"It was not easy... But at the same time, we prepared a spiritual step, to review with our sisters, in their life, all the detachments, all the passages they had lived, and to show them how changes have been happy, have been sources of life for them."


Photo captions:

Sister Cécile Dionne, Superior General of Ursulines of the Canadian Union, Sister Céline Bergeron, Superior of a local community inside the Ursuline Monastery in Old Quebec, and Sister Pauline Duchesne, Chair of the Board of Management. June 2018. (Presence / Philippe Vaillancourt)