Pastoral Prayer 2017

“ That my Joy may be in you ”

Saint Anne, I am here in your Shrine, you who are the Mother of Mary and the Grandmother of Jesus, I have come here to pray near you so that I can confide in you my sorrows and my dreams. I tell you again and again how important your presence is in to my life.

Many pilgrims come to your Shrine guided by their faith, taking the time for a heart-toheart
conversation with you to offer you their sufferings. You intercede with your grandson
Jesus acting as a grandmother who wants for the best for her grandchildren.

Good Saint Ann you carry in your arms your daughter Mary. As you have done for her,
give us the grace to welcome the love of the Father in our lives and help us to share this
love with one another. Ask your Grandson Jesus for the joy of His Holy Spirit so that
when we return home, our hearts are filled with these words of Jesus, “That my Joy may
be in you.” Jn 15 : 11

Cum permissu

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