Prayer 2018

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"Do not quench the Spirit " 1 Thes 5: 19


O Good Saint Anne, you have, for many years, welcomed, listened, and guided numerous pilgrims, so I humbly present myself to you.

Intercede for me so that I may not extinguish, in my heart, the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Following your example, I want to let the Spirit be active in my life.

May the Spirit give me the strength to choose that which is true and which will give life abundantly in me and to those around me.

May it renew my own attachment to your Grandson Jesus. I want to live faithfully in Him.


I trust to your care, Saint Anne, those who are dear to me, and those who I find difficult to love.

May the Spirit breathe the love of Jesus in me so that I might live it fully.

It is in this way that you love us and that God continues to show His love for us.



Cum permissu