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The Annals of Saint Anne is a religious Catholic magazine that is published 6 times yearly. Founded in 1874, it now boasts an average of 2,000 subscribers and addresses all Christian families with its spiritual, moral and social content. The French version is totally different and contains even more variety: it reaches more than 12,000 homes, and is printed 10 times yearly. Both magazines aim to evangelize families and propagate Christian faith in our modern world. Care to find out why so many people enjoy reading The Annals?

March - April 2020
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The Annals of Saint Anne

As the days and the seasons go by, we are always in search of something. Simple and great moments of happiness follow one another continuously in life. But to find these simple moments of happiness, gentleness and kindness, it takes a heart that is open and hands that are ready to reach out and help. We must learn to listen to today and forget about the past? As the beautiful hymn by French composer Jean-Louis Dervout says: “For love to reign on earth, it must first reign in our hearts! ... To create happiness, you need a heart that is giving and sharing without counting joy and riches! To create happiness, you need a simple heart whose greatest treasure is the love of its brothers and sisters.”


Bernard Mercier

Father Bernard Mercier was born in Saint Romuald, Quebec in 1922. He was the son of a sculptor, whose artistic talent contributed to the design and construction of the capitals in the Basilica. He professed religious vows in 1943 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1949. At the Redemptorist Formation House in Aylmer, Quebec, he was a professor of physics and financial administrator. In September 1961, Father Mercier arrived at the Annals. With skill, patience and rigor, he initiated many changes to upgrade the work at the Annals whose main focus was to promote the Shrine. Father Mercier realized that the Annals also had to be a Christian family magazine where readers could relate more easily to it and recognize themselves in it.

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Answered Prayers

At the Annals, we are convinced that it is essential to nurture our faith in many ways, and we believe that the testimonies of favors obtained and answered prayers are powerful vehicles for the transport of faith and hope. That is why we are happy to start publishing your testimonials of favors from St. Anne. Today, we present you with the testimony of an extraordinary favor

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Questions About Our Faith

I have answered about 1500 questions concerning faith. My answers have been approved by my religious superiors and many were published in two volumes entitled Christian Answers to your Questions. They express God’s Word and the wisdom of the Catholic Church. Here they are.

I am happy to travel life journey with you!

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