July 17 to 26, 2021: NOVENA AND FEAST OF SAINT ANNE (Info)
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Without a doubt, the Shrine is what it is today thanks to Good Saint Anne and to the great generosity of the pilgrims.

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Paintings, mosaics, stained glass windows, stone and wooden sculptures reveal the extraordinary beauty and history of the Shrine, and the important role that it continues to play in the faith of the people.

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Saint Anne

Historically speaking, we know very little about Saint Anne. The Bible says nothing about her, whereas other writings that circulated in the early Church speak about her at great length.

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The Annals of Saint Anne


May - June 2021
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Welcoming Others

To welcome, you must open your hands, hold them out in front of you, as a child does spontaneously, without hesitation. On a daily basis, welcoming is revealed in our actions, through simple gestures such as a smile, a hello, a kind look, a gentle word. Welcoming invites me to go even further. It calls on me to make myself available when I do not have the time or even when I am troubled and distraught. It invites me to be aware of the troubles and trials of others and to grasp what words cannot say.

Pathways of God

Welcoming Others – According to Scripture

A few years ago, I became interested in the Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic poem that tells of the voyage of Ulysses. I downloaded an on-line course in which I learned that hospitality – “xenia” in Greek – is one of the main themes of this story. In ancient Greek culture, hospitality was considered a moral obligation since it bound people to each other. A host was expected to give a meal and lodging to a passing stranger. And the latter was expected to return the favour if ever his host came to visit him. Xenia created reciprocal obligations of courtesy and non-violence in a society that was too often torn by violence. It was the glue that kept the culture together.